The Wanderer returns…

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The Valentine’s Fish
Skrei is truly special this Season – often called the Norwegian Miracle, it is only available for a limited time each year, luckily Jeremy, our head chef, knows exactly when this is and has sourced this true seasonal delicacy for our specials board. Skrei comes from the old Norse word ‘the Wanderer’ due to its annual arrival to Norway when other foods were not available.
So why the Valentine fish?
Skrei cod prepares its whole life to make the journey to meet its mate at the spawning ground where it is caught and with only 10% of the over 400 million fish migrating caught its pretty guaranteed most will meet their life long mate! and of course making it extremely sustainable.
with strict quality standards to be certified as Skrei it must be fully grown (5years old) caught in the traditional spawning grounds and packed within 12 hours of being caught.
white, light and one of the leanest types of fish it is delicate, fresh and has a clean flavour which comes from that swim to Norway.
So if you want to enjoy this Miracle, Valentines fish book with us and remember its only in Season for a short time and that’s why
If it’s in Season it’s fresh!

So let’s celebrate together…..
When you phone or email to book a table please quote
“The wanderer returns”
And when enjoying lunch or dinner from our A la carte or our “taste of land & sea” taster menu each guest on your table will receive a glass of wine, of course if they are old enough;) so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today the Skrei season is short so will not be around for long and this celebration gift is only available whilst the Skrei is!

Thank you for reading
We look forward to seeing you
Rachael X

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